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News Snippet: Subprime lending fears grow

Image of the Bank of England

This week lenders have found themselves under increasing pressure amid concerns over the consumer credit market. This follows the Bank of England’s recent directive which will see banks reserve a further £11.4BN in order to strengthen finances and mitigate the risk of bad loans.

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Boom or Bust: The UK Housing Market

Boom or Bust

According to official figures, the UK property market is booming. Following a slow period during the recession, it’s now estimated that, in London, prices are up around 27% from their 2007 peak. Read More »

The Greece Debt Crisis Explained


Across the world, economists are currently discussing the debt crisis in Greece and wondering what the future holds for a country which owes billions of Euros to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and numerous countries around the world. Read More »

Are lending habits changing?

Trousers with pockets turned inside-out

During the economic crisis, most UK households feeling the pinch had to rein in not only spending habits, but borrowing habits as well. UK consumers and lenders have definitely been the “Cautious Carols” (as Lord Alan Sugar would put it) of the financial services industry during the recession, with personal loan borrowing at its lowest point in 2012. Read More »

Credit rating and short term loan debts explained

Short Term Loans

One key question related to debt and credit ratings is how somebody connected to you might affect your score. For example, how having a spouse or partner who has run up a bad debt or defaulted on a loan might in turn upset your own ability to get the best interest rates on credit products.

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