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Why are the Big Banks still letting us down?

The global banking crisis first began to truly hit home in the UK in 2007, as thousands of Northern Rock customers queued for hours to withdraw their savings. The bank had borrowed money to fund mortgages for its customers, then sold off the mortgages in the international markets. Eventually demand for secured mortgages inevitably fell, leaving Northern Rock with a shortage in capital, meaning that it needed to borrow money from the British government in order to balance the books. As the recession deepened into 2008 consumer confidence in banks went sour, as it was revealed that risk-buying was a large factor contributing to the scale of the credit crunch.

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Personal Loans Online

Over the past two decades, the internet has transformed the ways in which we communicate, seek information, shop and much more. It’s an invaluable tool that continues to evolve – it seems that on an almost weekly basis there’s a new website or app that changes our life for the better. In a nutshell, that’s progress. Read More »

The Alternative Finance Boom

Money lending is something that has always been necessary, and the number of people borrowing money from lenders is still fairly significant. What is beginning to change, as time goes on, are the ways that people are borrowing money, and who they are borrowing money from. Over the past few years, alternative methods of lending have become far more popular. Read More »

What are the benefits of decentralising the internet for finance?

You might think the Internet is already a random collection of servers and routers, making it easy to remain safe and for our financial technology, data and security to be assured. However, there are a collection of key master servers that store all the Internet’s addresses and routes, and endless choke points at telcos and ISPs. This undoubtedly makes it easier for ‘big brother’, vested interests and other forces to monitor what is really going on across the net.


A Promising Year for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin enjoyed a period of soaring success during the Black Friday season 2014. In figures released by the company it’s suggested that $295 million worth of transactions were carried out during just a three day period using this relatively new currency. While that still suggests it has some ground to make up before it can be hailed as a serious rival to companies such as PayPal, it’s still very impressive data. So does that mean that we’re set to see the rise and rise of the bitcoin, or is this just another red herring, like the growth we saw during the currency’s inception? Here is an overview of everything you need to know on the bitcoin situation.

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