Holiday Loans

With the introduction of low cost flights over the last few years and recent changes to Air Passenger Duty for children under 12, travelling abroad with the family has become more accessible. Many families are still hindered by the current financial climate however, meaning there is very little money available to spend on going on holiday.

Holiday Loans are an affordable way of getting that much needed break when you haven’t had chance to save enough money. With many of the cheapest package holiday deals now appearing online, some companies require the holiday to be paid for in full at the time of booking. Taking out a loan to cover the cost of a holiday means you can flexibly spread the cost of going abroad, keeping on top of household finances.

Holiday Loans are primarily taken in the form of an unsecured loan. This means you do not have to provide any collateral for the loan, but, a check will be made on your credit score. This will determine how much you will be able to borrow and how much interest will be charged.


The amount of time you are given to repay the loan will depend on how long you want the loan for. Interest rates will remain the same throughout the whole repayment term provided you access a fixed rate loan, this is advised. Fixed rate loans help you budget repayment throughout the entire term of the loan. This is because the level of interest will remain the same and not vary in accordance to the Bank of England base rate.

Many people will pay for their holiday on a credit card; this is due to many credit cards offering insurance so that if the company folds you will get your money back. But, credit cards will often charge much higher interest rates than holiday loans, so you could save money by taking out a loan.


Always shop around when looking for a holiday, there are always cheaper deals for you. We advise you to do the same with your holiday loans. UK Loans offers a  very comprehensive comparison table so you can view all our lenders in one place, making it faster to find the best deal for you.

UK Loans Smart search gives borrowers the opportunity to make just one application and apply to multiple lenders beginning with the lowest APR. We have designed this product to ensure that the customer gets the lowest APR available to their financial circumstances.


UK Loans always advises that you ensure you can make the repayments on a loan before taking one out. Defaulting on repayment may cost you more money. If you find yourself in debt and need help please visit the following sites for advice and help

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