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Credit Perfect

Understanding your credit score can be key in obtaining credit. With Credit Perfect, you can work to improve and rebuild your credit profile. Their real time reporting allows you to proactively monitor you credit score as well as receiving real time notifications of any complaints against your rating.

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How switching energy provider could save you hundreds


With wage inflation still low and many families continuing to feel the pressure financially, cutting costs is uppermost in many householders’ minds in order to free up their disposable income. One key issue that keeps recurring in the media in particular is that of the cost of domestic energy, with the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy companies coming in for repeated criticism for their charges which are often perceived to be excessive, with profits at the core of their ethos.

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Can you give your money extra mileage when travelling?


Your holiday is the highlight of your year, and you want to get value for money on your travel and accommodation. However, after taking such care over planning our break in the sunshine, it seems that many of us don’t seem to take the same care with our holiday money.

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Money for nothing? The cashback revolution discussed

Cash-back stamp and cash

Who doesn’t want something for nothing, or at least very little? It is the reason we buy lottery tickets, stick a hopeful £10 on that horse in the Grand National at 66/1, or, as a child, collect the bottle tops on dandelion & burdock bottles in order to return to the shop and triumphantly claim a free drink.


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The Mechanics of Car Finance

Car on Calculator

According to Mintel, since 2009, consumers demand for car finance has grown strongly. Nearly 2 million plans were sold at point-of-sale through dealerships in 2014, a rise of 13% on 2013; evidence of this growth.


Considering the impact of the 2008 recession, this shift in consumer behaviour is hardly surprising.  People are more conscious of their expenditure and are less inclined to spend outside of their means. Financing can be beneficial for consumers because the affordable repayment plans that it inherits can enable people to get a better model/spec of car than they might otherwise have been able to afford.

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