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News of wage growth and Poundland prosperity highlights overall disparity of UK system

Those scrutinising the British news recently might have found themselves scratching their heads at the contradictory stories being reported in the press, demonstrating the cavernous class and income divide which plagues this country.

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Are lending habits changing?

Trousers with pockets turned inside-out

During the economic crisis, most UK households feeling the pinch had to rein in not only spending habits, but borrowing habits as well. UK consumers and lenders have definitely been the “Cautious Carols” (as Lord Alan Sugar would put it) of the financial services industry during the recession, with personal loan borrowing at its lowest point in 2012. Read More »

Are you more likely to need a loan, based on where you live?

Block of flats

Although the UK economy is beginning to grow, a recent ONS report has highlighted that many households in the UK are still financially vulnerable. A key measure is the amount of disposable income we have – the amount left over after paying our housing costs, tax, national insurance and contributions such as pensions and student loan repayments.  Read More »

Credit Score Check before Loan Search

If you need to take out a loan, one of the most important steps you can take is to run a credit check on yourself, just as any lender that you might do business with will.  Read More »

Holiday Loans Online – A growing trend?

Villa with pool in the sun

With five years of austerity measures behind us and at least five more ahead, many people have felt some kind of impact on their personal finances. Prices are rising ahead of wages and it is becoming a struggle for many people to make ends meet. They make adjustments to how they live – changing supermarkets, going out less often and perhaps even giving up their car – and have far less excess income to put aside for a rainy day. Read More »

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