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Can a UK family get by on the minimum wage?

Reports in the news at the moment suggest an economic upswing is on the way, with increasing rates of employment and the fastest economic growth in the UK since 2007. The Office of National Statistics clocks the growth since 2013 at around 1.7%, so that should be good news for everyone in the UK. But are more families feeling the economic benefits? Actually the reverse is true. Read More »

Is the UK economic recovery running out of steam?

Following the global financial crisis of 2008, the UK began to slowly recover, its economic situation gradually increasing in a promising fashion. Last year the UK’s economy grew by 2.6%, the fastest pace since 2007, but the last three months have shown a definite slowdown. Some have warned that this is a sign that the UK’s economic recovery is running out of steam, with growth expected to slow to 0.6% in the final quarter. Others point out that in the second quarter we expanded faster than any G7 nation other than the US. Read More »

Does Greek mandate mean trouble ahead for UK households?

The consequences of the Greek electorate rejecting continued austerity measures, voting in the far left party Syriza led by Alexis Tsipras, are still being mulled over by EU member states, their governments and international institutions. Read More »

What happens if interest rates rise early in the UK?

The Bank of England base rate currently stands at a record low of 0.5% and has done for several years now. There are a number of different ways in which the base rate can affect the economy, but the two that affect your average UK household the most are savings and mortgages. Read More »

Big Six energy prices to drop and create a boost for UK households

Households that may be experiencing a little financial difficulty at the moment are sure to be pleased about the news that the Big Six energy companies are starting to slash their energy prices during January. Read More »

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