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Surge in available ten year fixed rate Mortgages

More banks and building societies are offering ten year fixed mortgage products thanks to low inflation and renewed expectations on the future of interest rates. Read More »

How real are uncertainty fears for Scottish finance?

So the Scottish referendum has been and gone, and although the ‘no’ vote was by no means unanimous, Scotland remains very much a part of the United Kingdom. more

What are the benefits of decentralising the internet for finance?

You might think the Internet is already a random collection of servers and routers, making it easy to remain safe and for our financial technology, data and security to be assured. However, there are a collection of key master servers that store all the Internet’s addresses and routes, and endless choke points at telcos and ISPs. This undoubtedly makes it easier for ‘big brother’, vested interests and other forces to monitor what is really going on across the net.


Issues facing Pension auto-enrolment

Thousands of small and medium-sized companies will struggle to meet their target dates for automatically enrolling their staff into pension schemes during 2015, experts have warned. More than 45,000 small businesses have their staging dates due in the next year, but representatives of law firm Irwin Mitchell and chartered accountants HW Fisher have both warned that a number will fall foul of the requirements.


What could the ‘Internet of Things’ bring to our future?

The “Internet of Things” is a hot topic in the tech world that will affect us all in the coming years. It defines any computing device or sensor that can be found almost anywhere, which talks to other devices via wireless or mobile networks to share data. This can be traffic monitoring, the temperature in an office, the status of a plane engine, monitoring snowfall or anything else, hence the rather vague name of “things”. more

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