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Falling food prices benefit UK consumers this Christmas

Falling prices mean a cheaper Christmas dinner for many

Recently the retail sector has been embroiled in a price war that has seen the cost of food actually drop for the first time since 2006, when the British Retail Consortium began keeping records. The BRC has said that prices during the last month were down 0.2% on this time last year, following a slight rise during October.

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The Online Banking Revolution

The past decade has witnessed a revolution in the world of banking, with smart phones offering customers a constantly improving interactive online banking facility. Indeed, a recent survey revealed that over the period of a single year, UK banking transactions have almost doubled to 5.7m a day. These significant digital steps forward have shone the spotlight on the UK government, as well as on up-and-coming digital banks endeavouring to give retail and business customers what they ultimately want: an entirely digital banking experience.


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Current Accounts – Does it pay to switch?

Much has been made in the media about the negative implications of the recession. However, one of the more positive aspects of the financial crisis has been that people have become engaged with their money again. They are smarter with the financial decisions that they make, and have higher expectations from their banks and financial providers.


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Big Data boosting the UK financial sector

The rapid rise and widespread adoption of an array of powerful technologies has enabled the UK financial sector to become highly sophisticated in recent times, allowing companies to perform any kind of transaction, anywhere in the world, with relative ease. It makes them sleeker and therefore more competitive, benefitting not only themselves but also their customers and consumers in general.


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Falling Oil Prices could result in just £1-a-litre petrol.

Falling oil prices in the UK

It’s been predicted that petrol prices could drop to as little as £1 per litre over the next few weeks and months if we continue to see oil prices falling at their current rate, MPs in the Commons Treasury select committee heard this week.


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